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Highly motivated and goal-oriented, experienced Telecommunications Engineering, IT and Computing professional with a solid technical background and conversant with various technologies, techniques, processes and practices utilized in the tech fields of Telecommunications, Networking and Computing. Prospecting a full-time position in IT/Computing, Telecommunications Engineering or a related industry field with relevance to systems engineering, architecture, applications analysis/support, service delivery, integration, performance or technical program management within a dynamic and effort conducive work environment, where I can leverage and apply my skills to contribute to fruitful work and deliver effective solutions, products and value.


George Mason University, Fairfax VA, May 2010

The Volgenau School of Engineering & Information Technology,

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering -- Telecommunications track Focus areas: Mobile & Wireless Communications Networking, Embedded Mobile Computing, Next-Generation Networks and Smart Grids.


Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA, December 2006

School of Science, Engineering & Technology,

Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum Laude), Electronics Engineering




Google Inc.                                                                                                            Kirkland, WA

Sr. Product Engineer (interop + integration) -- Consultant                                                                         04/16 - present

· Essentially contributing as an Interoperability and Integration Engineer to Google's global Mobile Android Communications platform projects and initiatives aimed at successfully expanding and scaling Android Mobile Rich Comms adoption on Mobile Devices and introducing relevant innovative and derivative services and products. Main duties, tasks and responsibilities include:

· Performs Mobile (3GPP 4G/LTE/E-UTRAN, WLAN/Wi-Fi) Multimedia platforms (IMS, SIP) UNI and NNI adaptation, protocol stacks validation and integration testing in support to Google's Android Messaging Client (app/native/embedded) functionalities and usability across various mobile devices, facing Google's Mobile Platforms with respect to and in consideration of legacy, current and future mobile/wireless communications technologies (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi)

· Works with SW developers (app/engine + UI design), PMs and TPMs, Carriers' technical teams, internal design teams, cross-functional teams, OEM/ODM partner teams to understand and comply with product requirements factors (field entry package, entrance criteria, user stories, product backlog, test reporting, test plans, issue tracking, bug reports, approval criteria) and to ensure the product design meets the carrier requirements for feature set, functionality, reliability and industry standards compliance

· Supports incremental IP Mobile Messaging and Telephony Architectures' systems and protocols implementations through technical service and product model analysis, profile specifications/requirements verification, issues investigations (e.g. VoLTE, IMS, TCP/IP, SIP, SDP, RTP) and remedial solutions development or fixes introductions and deployment for the end goal of fine-tuning mobile client software and delivering an optimal product

· Prepares and executes Interoperability (IOT) and QA Tests to ensure product's optimal quality, operation and compliance with mandated standards (GSMA, OMA, 3GPP, IETF); and drives technical approval activities with both the Engineering Productivity teams and the operators' Labs to ensure full support, coverage and completion by investigating, debugging (log/trace/packet analysis) and solving mobile SW/HW issues and further generating key reference documents, test process and test deliverables

· Interfaces with various Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), MVNOs, OEMs and in liaison with the GSMA, on coordinating and driving Mobile Carrier Interoperability enablement and realization activities and associated GSMA-mandated validation, certification and accreditation testing influencing overall Product Development and Management

· Coordinates and drives adjunct Lab and Friendly/User trials testing efforts and activities by gathering, reviewing and verifying tests data and results/reports (from 3rd Party Labs) and assisted in preparation for Certification (GSMA - GCF, PTCRB, TS.11) for design assurance

· Participates in and provides actionable input in strategic discussions and consultative meetings (with Product Managers and Technical Program Managers) on Product features additions, bugs/issues triage sessions, carriers' adoption, launches risks and contingency mitigation matters, success metrics and Rich Communications Ecosystem opportunity forecasting, roadmapping and sustainment


AT&T Mobility Labs                                                                                                         Redmond, WA

Sr. QE/Integration Engineer (Products and Services) -- Consultant                                                                                       06/13 - 04/16

· Performed AT&T’s 4G Wireless Broadband Services Platform Validation QA/QE Testing and Integration for Technology & Product/Service Realization and in support of 4G/LTE Network project pre-deployment and launch phase activities, Carrier Acceptance, Interoperability Certification and First Field Application (FFA) exercises and operations

· Applied systematic and practical knowledge of Wireless/Cellular (2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE, WiFi), Small Cells, Core (EPC), Radio (eNobeB, MME), Convergence (VoIP/SIP/SDP/RTP, RCS, WebRTC) and IMS Networking and Mobility Architectures along with 3GPP/3GPP2, AT&T Testing Specifications and Mobile Devices Architecture, in order to conduct End-to-End Network testing, verification and validation of major LTE Software releases and upgrades

· Analyzed network designs, wrote and executed defined functional and standard-guided tests cases/plans (integration, interoperability, acceptance, regression, conformance, performance, stress) of phone software in order to verify, assess quality or performance and detect various bugs and defects existing or appearing in software releases

· Utilized Network Analysis, Logging, Tracing and Performance Evaluation and diagnostic tools such as JDSU Signal Analyzer RT, NetScout nGenius, Tektronix Iris, Qualcomm QXDM/QPST/QCAT, Wireshark in data logs collection in combination with Lab RF Signal equipment, to assess and gauge network and device quality and protocol performance in order to certify quality/functionality or diagnose any malfunctions, anomalies and defects

· Performed handset OS/firmware/binaries upgrades, tested configurations, network systems interoperability (IOT) testing, radio protocols traffic and mobile device software log analysis and troubleshooting to produce actionable analysis deliverables to be discussed and translated into defects or case issues

· Conducted various elaborate and extensive investigative or diagnostic-type analysis of Mobility/Radio & Core protocols and interfaces (GTP, MAC, RLC, RRC, PPP, RANAP, PDCP, MPIPv6, TCP/IP, UDP) in relation to contextual Radio Access Technology (RAT) type (3GPP/3GPP2, E-UTRAN, UTRAN, GERAN) or higher/lower level layer interfaces (Uu, Ut, S1-MME, S1-U, S6a, S11, S5/S8) and also by application and assimilation to service and implementation modes (IMS, RCS, IRAT, SRVCC, WebRTC, SMS, MMS), with reference to mandated industry standards (3GPP, 3GPP2, OMA, CTIA, GSMA, AT&T10776)

· Utilized Software Quality Management tools (HP Application Lifecycle Manager/Quality Center, Specialized databases) to raise, document software defects and track or manage them in a process-oriented testing environment and framework for improvement and resolution

· Interfaced and worked closely, collaboratively and diligently to support End-to-End (E2E) Vendors R&D, OEM, Field teams for troubleshooting, reproducing bugs or issues, meeting requirements/specs/standards, achieving projected, planned and expected network feature functionalities, quality metrics and indicators

· Participated in LTE Service Access Planning Project Management and Product Realization steering activities and advocates for full cycle testing excellence


T-Mobile USA                                                                                                                             Snoqualmie, WA

Systems Design & Strategy Engineer                                                                                                        10/10 - 06/13

· Architected and designed Cellular/Mobile Wireless (2G-GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G-UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA/4G-LTE/IMS/Signaling) Service Provider OSS Platforms Network Management services and Service Assurance software solutions

· Elaborated strategies, built and implemented programmatic features for GERAN/RAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN and Core Network Monitoring and Operational Intelligence to enhance Customer/NOC experience and assure Network Survivability

· Analyzed, engineers and specifies technical requirements translated from Business Requests for T-Mobile’s Network and Applications Fault Management

· Created technical software documents such as System/Feature Requirements Documents (SRD/FRD), Device Model Specifications and Interface Specifications

·Developed and executes Network Management alarm test cases for staging/production deployment and validation

· Provided Subject Matter Expertise (SME) understanding and act as a point of contact for fault management to internal and external organizations.

· Designed and drove implementation of nationwide large-scale array of Network Elements and Applications alarm management automation processes (runbooks) and other supportive tools aimed at improving operational efficiency and intelligence

· Supported Network Operations Center (NOC) and National Applications sustaining initiatives through performing root cause analysis and troubleshooting of various network problems and conceptualizes solutions for them


IBM Corporation                                                                                                Research Triangle Park, NC

Software Performance Analysis Intern                                                                                         05/09-09/09

· Analyzed and tested the IBM Tivoli Monitoring Platform infrastructure and software for optimized updates release

· Designed and built a testbed and simulation environment for scaling and high-availability testing

· Performed scale/regression testing, measurements and benchmarking for deployment and provisioning

· Executed analytical testing with agents sizing for IT Services Providers using the IBM Tivoli Monitoring tool platform

· Managed Distributed Network, OS/Platforms through performance monitoring, baselining and workload balancing

· Managed Distributed Network resources through performance monitoring and load balancing

· Interpreted project activities ongoing to ensure prioritization of deliverables in estimated milestone parameters, conforming with SDLC phases


Camp Dresser&McKee Inc. (CDM)                                                                                                 Falls Church, VA

I&C/Automation Engineering Intern                                                                                                           05/08-09/08

·  Assisted on major industrial plant project application engineering duties and tasks completion

·  Performed control software QA/QC and performance benchmarking achieving optimized start-up routines

·  Designed HMI and OIT/LOP embedded software and performed Wireless SCADA and Cybersecurity upgrades

·  Configured and tested OPC servers to interface between HMI's, PLC's third-party legacy devices, Client/Sever redundancy, and fault-tolerant systems

· Provides Subject Matter Expertise (SME) understanding and act as a point of contact for fault management to internal and external organizations.

· Designed HMI and OIT/LOP embedded software and executed downloads for equipment readiness


nTELOS Wireless Inc.                                                                                                                 Richmond, VA

RF/Wireless Associate Engineer                                                                                                           02/07- 01/08

·   Performed RF/Wireless (CDMA) Network Performance Optimization operations and fault diagnosis tasks,

·  Assisted with RF network design, planning, integration and deployment of CDMA2000/3G/1xEV-DO network.

· Investigated, troubleshot and addressed customer-related network issues and device failures

· Provided NSS Switch support through OS Platform and Network database upgrades and traffic analysis and updates

· Provides Subject Matter Expertise (SME) understanding and act as a point of contact for fault management to internal and external organizations.


DoE (Dept. of Energy) / Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory                                                        Batavia, IL

RF/Physics Research Intern                                                                                                                05/06-08/06

·   Designed and implemented a new and enhanced wideband RF Phase Detector for RF signal monitoring operations,

·   Conducted RF beam–oriented signal conditioning and monitoring  experiments,

·   Assisted RF engineers and technicians in assembling, testing and calibrating modules and devices.


Computing/IT/Networking: OSI, TCP/IP, IPv4/IPv6, BGP, OSPF, MPLS, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SNMP/RMON, ICMP, UDP, Syslog, RPC, CORBA, SOAP, REST, UML/OO Analysis and Design, Distributed Systems, Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Analysis (wireshark, tcpdump), Agile Release, DevOps, ITIL Concepts

Platforms/OS/Languages/Tools: Unix (Sun Solaris) Linux (RedHat, Centos), Windows Server 2003/08, Shell Scripting, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Oracle SQL, PHP, HTML/XML, Android, NetExpert VSM, HP-OVO, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Splunk, Nagios, Cacti, MATLAB, OPNET

Telecommunications/Automation/Management:  : Mobile Wireless Networks (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, EVDO, UMTS/WCDMA, HSPA, LTE/EPC/SAE, 3GPP/3GPP2, IMS, Wi-Fi), 4G(LTE, FDD-TDD, MIMO), Mobile Computing (WAP, OMA, Android, RIL), VAS (SMS, MMS, EMS), Radio Protocol Stack/Layer Analysis (PHY, MAC, RLC, RRC, RAB, RANAP), RF Network Design and Optimization, Signaling (SS7, SIGTRAN, IN, TCAP, ISUP, AAA), Network Analysis & Performance/QoS (LAN/WAN, WLAN), Device/Network Certification and Conformance Testing, Unified/Converged Communications (VoIP/VoLTE, SIP, RTP, SDP, IMS, FMC), Service Delivery and Integration, Operations, Administration & Management (OA&M), Object-Oriented Networking, Telecommunications Management (TINA, eTOM, Frameworx, NMS/EMS), OSS/BSS, Network Management, Process Automation (Resolve RBA), Complex Event Processing/Correlation.




·       IEEE-WCP (Wireless Communications Professional) - Passed WCET Examination + acquired Professional learning credit units 10/15-10/19.


·       CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) - by The Scrum Alliance: focus and emphasis on service products and embedded software - 02/16.




·       Ehsan, S. Javidi, G. Wanta S., Establishment of a Global Multi-node Teleconferencing Infrastructure for Research and Education,.


·       S. Badombena-Wanta, E. Sheybani, Mobile Communications for Development: Enabling Strategic and Low-Cost Applications for Rural and Remote Areas,.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Chapter Chair (2005-06), Professional member

COMSOC, Computer Society, Professional member

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Professional member

The USENIX Association, Professional member

International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), Member

SuperComputing Conference 05/06- Student volunteer/IEEE SouthEastCon ’07 Volunteer        

            Google Campus Ambassador (Volunteer) 08-09



· Internet Society (ISOC) Next Generation Leaders 2012 Fellow

· International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-YES/ NOKIA Corporation Scholar  

· International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF) Scholarship 08-09  

· Google Academic Scholar 2009

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